Saturday, 28 February 2015

Collecting Vietnam five.

A few weeks ago I bought a complete set of 56 webbing.

On closer investigation I found that the water bottles are quite modern. One is dated 2000 and the other has a recycling symbol on it. I guess these were used by an Air-softer or re-enactor. The butt pack seems to be a 1961 version but can find no date on it to confirm this. The small compass or first aid pouches are of two different types. One I will use for my 1980's kit while the earlier one looks ok for Vietnam. I think it should have a plastic snap fastener rather than the metal one. The shoulder straps are the same pattern as my other one but is in much better condition. The belt is correct but is a large size.

Assembling everything and replacing the water bottles and belt with my earlier purchases I tried the kit on for size. My girlfriend insisted on photos for Facebook. I grabbed a 1972 edition Playboy and let her take a few snaps.

I'd like to get a bayonet next but feel that I am so slim that fitting more than that on the belt will be impossible. The entrenching tool may come off as its heavy and may be better displayed separately.


  1. Nam issue would have metal buttons. Looks like a compass pouch. at least from 74-7.8, when I was in USAEUR.

  2. Thanks for that bit of information. It can be a bit confusing trying to get this all worked out from different sources.


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