Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Team Yankee 20mm

I have been following the discussions about Battle Fronts new Team Yankee game with interest. I downloaded the Novel to read again as I have not read it since it first came out. The first time I read it  I was really keen to play the PC game which was not much more than a Turkey shoot, although it was fun back then.

My issue with buying this in 15mm is that I am in the process of selling off all my 15mm Armies and terrain. I do have loads of 20mm WW2 terrain already and some more Modern buildings bought for my Congo project. I am still keen on doing a Warlord versus a Colonial Power in Africa project but may move some terrain to the West as it would be more suitable there. I am embarrassed to say that I have spent ages looking for my completed Congo vehicles but cannot find the box that contains them.

I will write more later when I have come up with something more substantial as I am just doing research about the setting. I am not an active Club gamer these days so whatever scale I get into will be played at home and I will have to provide both sides.

Some links.

Reforger 85 on Youtube

The Guild has some posts worth looking into.

20mm Modern War Game.

I have looked at a few  recordings of games of European Escalation on Youtube.

European Escalation the Game.

Fulda Gap

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