Sunday, 8 November 2015

The A Team (and friends).

After spending so long on doing my Vietnam project (which is still not complete) I felt like doing something a bit silly. I've been watching the A Team on TV for the last couple of months everyday when I get home from work, which has helped me wind down. Don't worry about me doing a Mary Taylor Moore project though, as that follows the A Team at which point I'm in the shower.

I have an idea for a game based on the TV series which needs a few figures painting. I can use some of my terrain so don't need to build anything else.

Theses figures are from Studio Miniatures which I am happy with. I lost the lighter layers of Hannibal's Jacket and Faces suit when I matt coated them so they could do with a touch up. I am really pleased with Murdoch but ended up doing BA's skin too dark but love the jumpsuit I gave him.

Fool, this don't look like the Bank of Hanoi?

I also bought the Road Warrior and am happy with the paint job i gave him. The face is sculpted rather bland and needs a decent paint job to bring it out.

The Thing was shown on TV recently and I recognised this figure immediately. A very good sculpt.

Uh-oh, looks like I am going to have to find a MacGyver figure as the A Team has just finished to be replaced by MacGyver!!!

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