Saturday, 30 August 2014

More photos of my Pulp figures.

Here are some better photos of the items I finished just before Call to Arms. Some of the figures were a little bit rushed to get them done in time. I intend to build a stage for the band which is why the bases look a little plain at this stage. I am still unhappy with the yellow bases. Even though I've repainted a few of them several times with the same paint and wash that I have used in the past, but still they don't seem to match the Pyramid.

The undead Egyptians are from Heresy Miniatures, bought funnily enough in a going out of business sale at Call to Arms last year. I had no idea why I wanted them other than I liked them. A bit of Greenstuff was used to make the guts and Jimmy's Gold Lame shorts, hair and Cigar.

The Predator Statue was just a bit of whimsy on my part.

The Band are from Eureka with head swaps from Gripping Beast. The Saxophonist was converted from the Clarinet player. The singer is from Pulp Figures with his pistol removed. I would like to put a microphone in his hand at some stage.

Since I only needed seven figures for the Band I used the Banjo player to make my version of Mr B.
Next to Mr B is a dodgy Australian entertainer. I made the Fez wearing failed Magician out of a Black Army figure. This is quite fitting as my British Archeologists are called the Cooper Family so it made sense to make Tommy.

The Palm Trees were from some Plastic children's toys which I made as stage fittings.
The Banner was simply a piece of old sheet painted with watered down PVA and then drawn on with a marker pen. I intend to hang it on the stage when I make it.

The Boat has been on my to do list for about 8 years. The hull started life as part of my Armed Trawler for my Dads Army Project (which I will rephotograph some time and post it). I made the hull out of 50mm Blue foam which was much too thick so cut it in half with a builders saw (cross cut saw). I had intended to build a Boat for WW1 in Africa and had it assembled but not painted for years. Buying the guns and fittings from Pulp Figures, plus the Demo game gave me the incentive to paint it up. The canopy took ages to figure out how to make it removable and has come out well, just being finished the night before the Demo.

Should I call it the Night Boat from Cairo?


  1. Great ship, great conversions, looks like it was a great project all round. Well done!

  2. All good stuff dude! I really like the band and the boat looks great.


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