Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pulp Alley at Call to Arms 2014. Part 2.

Four different gangs arrived to seek the treasure of the hidden Tombs (sorry I'm not good at doing flowery prose). Ray had a group of British Archaeologists. Michael a group of Local Egyptian Cultists, Tyrone used my British Archaeologists (named the Cooper family) and I commanded a Group of Nazi's seeking loot.
The Cultists started midway down the table and proceeded to create havoc attacking everyone. The British started on the left hand side on the beach road, I started from the left side of the beach while Tyrone started on the right hand side of the beach. We had a few shots at each other mainly designed to slow each other down but nothing too serious. Michael attempted to take the plot point in the fortress but found a things a bit hot and withdrew but took the point in front of the band. I snuck into the Jail and took a point without any opposition. Ray then took the point on the hangman's scaffold while Tyrone took the one in the fortress.
So now we were able to recruit some labourers and proceed to the Pyramid.

My leader winning the point after failures by the other two members.
The Tardis arrived moments later.
My labourers being lead by Hugo.
My reinforcements waiting for the call. 
The Cultists locating a hidden entrance.
Cultists labourers in the tunnel.
My casualties
Tyrones casualties 
Tyrones reinforcements.
My reinforcements.
Tyrones labours,
Rays reinforcements/casualties.
Michaels reinforcements/casualties.

Day 2
Michael was first getting a good lead and broke through a hidden entrance in the bar and went underground into a tunnel. Ray was next and gained entrance by the left hand positioned needle monument. Tyrone was lagging a bit as he was trying to hold me up costing us both some time. I managed to run to the front entrance (tourist entrance according to Tyrone), I chose to shoot the guard just because I could (being a Nazi), while the others had negotiated their way around them. Tyrone had also made his way into the right hand positioned crypt. We all had to pass tests that other players had thrown at them as well as the Peril points.

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