Saturday, 16 August 2014

Pulp Alley at Call to Arms 2014. Set up.

We did not come up with a name for this other than "Pulp Alley Demo game". I had thought of "Carrion Up the Nile" but never got around to suggesting it to the others.
We had been looking forward to this Demo game for most of the year. Its been lots of work painting up all the little bits and pieces which I think makes a Demo game great fun. All my gangs were already painted so it should have been easy but I wanted to do some extras. I will first post some photos of the game setup and some of the extra bits. Ray also painted extra figures and made most of the town buildings, as well as the two gangs that he and his Son Michael were using. I think Michael painted his undead reinforcements.

Dr Who kept appearing at certain parts of the game but did not have any effect on play.

Five floating skulls were spread around. The first four enabled labourers to be recruited which meant that you could enter the Pyramid, via either an underground tunnel or the front door. The fifth was the winning Plot Point.

Madness tribute band, The Los Palmos 7.
Walk like an Egyptian. 
Final plot point hidden in the Tomb. 


  1. Great stuff! Your terrain and figure collection is superb. I like the 10th Doctor's cameo appearances, and I see what you did with the sign on the van. ;)

    1. Nobody has ever twigged that the front sign says B-U-M-S.


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