Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Collecting Vietnam and later.

Ok, I seem to have spread my interests a bit as I decided to collect some Alice gear as well as temperate climate clothing of the same period. I already have a few items which are not Vietnam specific so hopefully this will not cost me too much.

I have been reading right through the U.S Militaria Forum learning quite a bit. Its a shame that I won't be able to find the same quality uniforms (badged) in New Zealand or the same amount of equipment but at least the prices are not too bad here.

The link for the forum is http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/

I made a stand to put my M56 webbing on. I made this out of; a Camera tripod, a bar bell and a roof rack mounting. I think it looks alright but will try and get a manikin at some stage when I have finished my games room.

ERDL 1977 Helmet cover

Real nice M65 Jacket 69 dated.

The hood is quite rare to have intact from what I've read.

$25 Claymore Bag

Lucky to have the instructions intact.

LC1 medium pack with field applied camo.

Mismatched straps and no date to be found.

LC2 medium pack which is a bit faded.

No frame with this and no readable date.

1999 etool cover. I am repainting the 76 dated blade.

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