Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Revell 1/48th Hueys

I am assembling three Revell Hueys at the moment. After doing some research I've found that some modellers have given up on completing these as the fit of the parts leave a lot to be desired.

The interior parts went together well but I seem to have a problem with the left pilots hand and the right control fouling the body so may have to trim those parts back.

One of the Hueys will be crashed, hence the blood trail.

I have just undercoated the outsides of the body halves as it looks like it will be better to do that now rather than when they are glued together.

I will update this build when I make more progress.


  1. Be interested to see these develop as haven't touched the ones I have yet. I have some gun crews as well as hoping to modify it when i build it.

    1. I am also painting some TAG crews to put into two Corgi Hueys. I will post some photos of these soon. I think if I buy anymore Hueys I will get the Italeri versions.


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