Saturday, 25 April 2015

Revell Helicopters are a pain to fit together.

I am putting the first of the Revells together starting with the crashed one as it gives me a better idea of fitting them together without the crewmen. After I drilled some bullet holes through the left side cabin and window I discovered that I was missing this window on another of the kits so replaced it with some flat card. 

After glueing the hull together using clamps I had to go back the next day and try and close up some of the gaps and again clamp them. 

I have glued the glass into the nose and roof and have noticed the nose has a problem lining up underneath.

The crews have had more paint on the Helmets as I was doing the TAG crews at the time. I have had to cut the Helmets on some of the door gunners to fit into the Corgi Huey's.

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