Saturday, 13 June 2015

More Militaria part I.

I went a bit mad buying gear and have not kept a proper record of it on here. So I hope this makes up for it.

The day I spent with my brother going to the Museums we also dropped into the local Comrades surplus store. I was offered a British 44 issue pistol Holster and Binocular case. I bought them thinking they would be useful for my Aussie webbing, but after doing some research I no longer believe that to be the case. Oh well I guess they will be an investment for the future.

We also had a look into a secondhand shop where I found a couple of gems. Quite cheap too.
The first is a Ripstop Woodland Jacket dated either 86 or 96 but it is hard to tell from the label. I think these were late 80's issue so its probably 96 issue. A couple of ghost patches are visible but no other damage.

A fishtail parker was also on the rack marked in a small size which I was about to ignore but my brother suggested I try it on. It was surprisingly loose. I have since worked out that is meant to be worn over a full set of uniform with liners on both the jacket and parker. I have since bought a liner from Ebay for it and fits a lot bit better. The Parker is dated 72, the hood is 79 and the liner is 73. I have found that these sell in the UK for nearly 300 pounds.

Another day I found this green Tshirt in a vintage shop. Its made by Fruit of the Loom which did supply to the US Army, but I think its too modern and most likely civilian. I was going to dye one anyway and it was only $4.

This shirt was advertised as HBT material, but once I got it I realised that was not true. I then spent about a week researching on the web and think its a PX store bought item. There are ghost patches where name, US Army and triangular formation stitching holes are apparent. The buttons are 13 Star type. I really like it and would like to repatch it if possible with full colour tapes.

Since writing the above I've seen one of these shirts advertised on Ebay as an early OG107? I have also bought a full colour US Army name badge for it.

Next up is a 68 dated Ball Cap and a 89 dated Woodland pattern Hat. The Ball Cap should be my size but is way too tight. I think the head band has shrunk as the dome seems to be misshapen. The other hats fits ok but I would prefer a larger size as I have a big head.

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