Saturday, 6 June 2015

New computer desk for the Wargames room.

Out of leftover flooring I built a desk for the corner of my Wargames room. It is supported by a leftover bit of dressed timber as a leg, and a set of old shelves. I used a Cedar stain which matches the shelving quite well. You can see where my partner helped as there are burn marks where she lifted the corner I was trying to cut off and jammed the saw blade. The left over has been used as a DVD shelf. Hence the reason I needed help to get it cut in one go without damaging the ends of the cut.

I have upgraded the TV for the moment as I am starting to use the room but have not organised the mounting bracket yet. To the left of the TV is the shelf where my new DVD player is located with an old amp underneath. I'd like to find a suitable Pirate poster for behind the sailing ships as that wall looks a bit bare.

I spent most of last weekends spare time trying to learn Carlie don't Surf while watching Heart Break Ridge, Platoon and other things on TV.


  1. Nice work! It's great to have a man cave where you can leave everything in place instead having to clear it all away within a few hours. I have my own gaming room. Admittedly my gaming table is covered in clutter at the moment, but it's the principle of the thing. ;)

  2. Neat job on the desk. My own skills just about reach putting in a picture hook. Sawing and wood, no!

  3. Cheers guy's. Its good to be able to lock the room up and walk away knowing that no-one else is going to go in and fiddle with your stuff.


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