Tuesday 16 June 2015

Waterloo 200. Wellesley Club, Wellington, NZ.

I was invited to play in the Wellington 200 game by the organiser Paul Goldstone. Since I have gotten into the habit of doing a Demo Game once a year and very little else I was happy to say yes.

This is not intended as a detailed report but just my experience as a newbie to Napoleonic battles using Black Powder.

I have read through Black Powder several times but had not really remembered much of it when it came time to play the game. I also had no suitable troops as this is not really my era and I had thoughts of hiding in the corner while everyone else discussed Buttons and  Braiding. The guys were very happy to discuss anything in a light hearted manner and made me feel at home to which I am very grateful of.

I borrowed three Troops of British Dragoons from my brother Dave and a couple of guns from friend Ray. I thought I'd sneak in my Spanish General as I could then say I had my own figure on the table. This General was supposed to represent Vandeleur. I think this choice was inspired as he certainly was very erratic in his command of the Troops. I gather the real Vandeleur was a good commander who took over Pictons command in the real Battle of Waterloo.

I took over 100 photos so this is just a selection of them.

The main table with La Haye Saint
The secondary table where the Prussians were to arrive
British reserves

French reserves

My guns

The Rocket about to set fire to the farm buildings

My Brigade getting stuck in


  1. Great photos Dan. I have learnt more about what occurred.

    Your cavalry rode down my detached Horse Artillery of my Cuirassier Division.


    1. Oh, is that who they were? lol. I'm glad that I did not have to face the Cuirassiers themselves.

  2. Awesome photos of this wonderful game! Just wish I was up there too!

    1. Shame you could not make it, as it was the biggest game I've ever seen.


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