Saturday, 13 June 2015

More Militaria part II.

My partners boss asked my partner if I would be interested in looking after her friends Uniform which he left behind in NZ. He was overweight for his flight home and had to leave several items behind. I was delighted when I got it considering that it has his name tag and rank all still attached.
Its too small for me to wear so I will happily display it till he wants it back (if ever). Dated 1990.

Now onto Helmets. This one below I believe is ex NZ Defence force. I can find no markings as to date and the webbing looks like the European type I've seen on some forums. The DPM looks like the brighter NZ used version.

The next Helmet is I believe, a 42 dated Firestone which has been rebuilt for Vietnam.
The liner has a stamped F with what looks like 42 underneath and US above. The neck band has 67 marked on it. The shell is quite poor in condition but has a rear seam. On advice I switched the Mitchel cover which was being stretched with my later ERDL cover which fits quite well.

The Mitchel cover which came with the above Helmet does not have a date marked on it, but has a contract number which dates it to a 64 contract. It has the start on a rip across the front lip but is under less tension on this Vietnam era Helmet. The band is just a bit of green elastic.

I believe this Holster is Vietnam era. It has not been dyed Black from an earlier Brown version. It is in really nice condition.

I bought this Ammo pouch on Ebay and think its a Modern made item.

I bought this water bottle on Trademe and think the holder is a Modern Repro with a 64 dated bottle. The cup I am undecided about as they were not dated after 65.

An early version Butt pack without liner. The previous owner tried to remark the US as you can just see the original edge of the stamp.

Aussie made belt, straps, first aid pouch and pouches all assembled with early Butt Pack.

 Alice Straps, belt pouches, Water bottle, first Aid pouch with Alice and 67 E tool pouches.

Eighties or Nineties era NZ equipment.

ERDL dated 1970 jacket, unfortunately the EGA stamp marks it as a post Vietnam used item. Still very nice though with just holes where the Rank badges were attached on the collars.

Fake or real ?

Definitely fake Seal badge, but I like it. I was given a shirt from the Philippines which had loads of fake patches given to me by a workmate. I am still trying to find a use for the other badges which will not cause offence.

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